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Re: maximal hearable speed of pulses

Title: Re: maximal hearable speed of pulses
Hello Len:
It is a somewhat complicated question that you are asking.  If pulses are narrow enough, it is likely that subjects can tell one pulse from a pulse pair with less than a millisecond between the pulses in the pair - although it is by no means clear that the listeners are actually resolving the pulses in the pair.  The subjects may well be perceiving one member of the comparison (single vs dual pulses) as a "splat " sound and the other as a"split" sound.

When it comes to individuating closely-spaced clicks or pulses, 10-12 clicks/sec is perhaps close to the upper limit.  At higher pulse rates, a train of pulses tends to be perceived as a single "buzz," with the individual elements not easily resolved or countable or even accurately localized.

Phillips, D.P. & Hall, S.E. 2001 JASA, 110: 1539-1547.
Boehnke, S.E, & Phillips, D.P. 2005 Perception, 34: 371-377.

I hope that this helps.  All kind wishes,

Dennis P. Phillips

Hello everyone,

I am looking for any results on experiments that give a minimal time between events so that the human ear can still hear two sperate events.
At an interval of 50ms, people hear a tone instead of sperate beats, maybe that is common knowledge but I would like to read a bit more on the subject.

People seem to be very interested in investigating the frequencies we can hear, and I can find many articles dealing with this subject, but I would like to know more about the hearable speed of pulses, e.g. when does fast tapping on a snaredrum become a drumroll...

Does anyone know any articles on this matter or is maybe currently involved in any research around the subject?

Thanks in advance,

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