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Re: working memory and melody

Robert Port wrote:

The recent comments on this issue (from Deutsch, Demeny and others) are compatible with Margaret Wilson's claim that ``the phonological loop'' is basically articulatory or motor. See her review article: `The case for sensorimotor coding in working memory' in /Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 8/ (2001), pp. 44-57. She concludes that ``only a sensorimotor model can accommodate the broad range of effects that characterize verbal working memory'' and points out that this supports the general viewpoint of embodied cognition. So what Baddeley called `phonological' is not at all what linguists would call phonological (since they would expect that to mean something completely abstract and devoid of sensory or motor content).
So the prediction would have to be that the only way the ``phonological loop'' could encode music is if it could be stored as something one could SING!

So then to rehearse environmental sounds, would one have to imitate a glass breaking or a car starting? I could not even begin to imitate some of the sounds that I work with.

Brian Gygi
Acoustics Research Institute
Vienna Austria