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Postdoc position in Frankfurt/Germany

Postdoc (research assistant BAT IIa) position for Auditory Neuroscience

is available at the Institute for Cell Biology and Neuroscience, 
University of Frankfurt; Germany with earliest start in December 2006. The
position is available for three years (with an option for additional two
years). Applicants are encouraged to conduct independent research and to
participate in current research topics of our group: cochlear mechanics,
interaction between auditory cortex and thalamus/inferior colliculus,
cortical development and plasticity in bats, role of attention in auditory
processing. Available techniques: /In vivo/ and /in vitro/
electrophysiology and neuro­pharmacology, otoacoustic emissions,
behavioural auditory methods. The candidate will have to participate in
teaching (Zoology/Neurobiology for Biology students, language: German) and
will get the opportunity to conduct a habilitation.

Please direct further inquiries and applications (including a CV, a 
statement of research interests, and contact information for two 
referees) to Prof. Manfred Kössl (koessl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Bernhard Gaese, Frankfurt/Germany