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Re: Memory for Pitch

I have only caught a glimpse of the conversation, but it seems that a new book I am currently reading by David Huron, Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Expectation, might apply.  Huron might suggest that it is "statistical learning" that would be at the heart of the process of developing a memory of a pitch. One of the foundations of learning, I think he would posit would be a positively valenced "predictive response."
At any rate, I wanted to make a plug for the book, and it seemed relevant.
I can't put the book down! A must read for anyone who has read Meyer, Narmour, or Lerhdal.
An  exploration of human expectation as exemplified through a rigorous and systematic understanding of music cognition.

David Spondike

David Spondike, Ph.D.
Firestone High School
Campus for the Visual and Performing Arts
Akron, Ohio