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Audio Information Seminar

Title: Audio Information Seminar

Dear Colleagues

The Intelligent Sound Project invites everybody with an interest in sound to participate in a one-day seminar on information in sound:

June 8 2006, 9:30-17:00 at Technical University if Denmark (DTU)

An international panel of speakers from academia, as well as media and entertainment industries, is invited to discuss the extraction and embedding of information in sound. Amoung the speakers we find:

        Tim Westergren, Founder of Pandora
        Mark Plumbley, Queen Mary University of London
        Jean-Julien Aucouturier, Sony CSL Paris
        Pedro Cano, Music Technology Group
        Torsten Sørensen, Lead sound programmer, I/O Interactive
        Torben Lundberg, Head of News Development, DR
        Søren Riis, Oticon

You can read more about the seminar at


and if you have other questions, feel free to call us at +45 45255241.

Tue Lehn-Schiøler
Post Doc.
Intelligent Signal Processing
Technical University of Denmark