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PhD Studentship, University of Surrey, UK

Dear List,

Applications are invited for the following PhD studentship at CVSSP,
University of Surrey, UK.

The aim of the PhD studentship is to assist in developing an intelligent
listening system. That is,  a machine which extracts salient sounds from
a complex or natural sound environment, and that concurrently learns to
categorise and differentiate between sources. The candidate will
concentrate on detecting and extracting salient events from mono/stereo
recordings, using grouping cues found relevant to human audition. A
sizeable component of the project will be developing and adapting
existing DSP algorithms in MATLAB for time-frequency analysis, partial
and transient extraction, and adaptive filtering. The project has a host
of potential applications in audio surveying/monitoring,  content
summarization, alarm/fault detection and elsewhere. 

Details can be found here: