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Dear Tianshu Qu, another paper that may be of interest is:

R. O. Duda and W. L. Martens (1998). “Range dependence of the response
of a spherical head model”, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 104, 3048-3058.

This paper deals with the "HRTFs" of a solid sphere, but it can give you
some useful information on what happens at low frequency regarding the
range dependence.
At high frequencies (> approx 6 kHz), the pinna is responsible for most
features and as long as you keep the distance big with respect to the
pinna size, the changes in HRTF's at high frequency will be due to
parallax effect (that  is the changes in source direction with respect
to the pinna as you move the source along a radius).

Best wishes with your experiments,

Tianshu Qu wrote:
> hello,everyone
> Recently, I'm busy in preparing for measuring HRTF set of KARMER head. 
> In this set, I want to consider of the distance cue. So there's a 
> question that I want to know any of your suggestion. The question 
> is what distance intervals should I set for postprocessing. Should these 
> intervals be equal or unequal? Any advice will be appreciated.
> By the way, when this project finished, this HRTF set will be open to 
> and free for scince research. Do you have any idea about how to mearsure 
> this HRTF set. and I hope the set will be useful for most researchers. 
> Now, the conditions I have are an KARMER head, an anechoic 
> room(6m*6m*6m), a reverberent room, and B.K recrording system.
> best regards
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