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New Book: Perceptual Coherence

Oxford University Press has just published my new book: Perceptual Coherence, 
Hearing and Seeing. I think of this as being a ?bridge? book in two senses. 
First, it bridges audition and vision and nearly every chapter has material on 
both senses. In all honesty, probably there is more material on vision than 
audition. Second, it bridges introductory courses in sensation and perception, 
sensory physiology, or neuroscience with advanced courses in audition (e.g. 
Hartmann, 1998) or vision (e.g., Wandell (1995), Dayan & Abbott, 2001).

Table of Contents

1. Basic Concepts
2. Transformation of Sensory Information Into Perceptual Information
3. Characteristics of Auditory and Visual Scenes
4. The Transition Between Noise (Disorder) and Structure (Order)
5. Perception of Motion
6. Gain Control and External and Internal Noise
7. The Perception of Quality: Visual Color
8. The Perception of Quality: Auditory Timbre
9. Auditory and Visual Segmentation
10. Summing Up

The hardback is priced at $ 89.95,  but Oxford has a 20% discount until 
September 1 making the price $ 72.00 .

Although I have not been an active participant in the on-line discussions, I 
have followed them closely and many of the responses have influenced my 
writing. Many thanks.

Steve Handel

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