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Re: good sound system

For multipurpose and intelligibility issues, suggest you consider
"layered sound" approach. This uses conventional pistonic drivers, but
with added distributed mode loudspeakers (DMLs) - flat panel speakers.
As the latter don't behave like point sources (because they're not),
they don't fall off according to inverse square law. the net result is
better intelligibility over more of the venue. Fane loudspeakers (UK)
are interested in this concept, and have a range of flat-panels in
addition to their conventional designs. Working with such a company, you
may get them to design and spec your setup. The key thing is precision
in installation.
using more speakers (decoded to appropriately) also avoids exciting
room-modes intolerably, so that volume levels can be higher without
annoyance. It further tames the potential problems of feedback, where
multiple mics are in use.

Dr. Peter Lennox
Signal Processing Applications Research Group
University of Derby
Int. tel: 1775

>>> karla <kmmadrid@xxxxxxxxx> 14/06/2006 10:36 >>>
dear list,

I have been asked to give the specifications for a good sound system
package) to be used in a new lecture hall designed
for seminars and conferences. can you recommend some really good
equipment? our target budget is around $12,500. i will really
appreciate your suggestions. thank you very


karla madrid

Karla M. Madrid
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Mindanao State University
Marawi City