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Re: MDS distances

On Jun 21, 2006, at 2:54 AM, Olivier Tache wrote:

I have read a number of "classical" papers about MDS and auditory dissimilarity (by Gordon&Grey, Grey&Moorer, Wessel) (and was wondering if such experiments were still carried out).

I think the Gray/Wessel approach has failed.. it's too hard to figure out what the results mean. (Just trying to be blunt to get your attention. ;-) You start with convenient sounds, measure perception and then try to figure out what the MDS dimensions mean. That hasn't worked. I think that is why people have not been pushing on it very hard lately.

Hiroko Terasawa and I have been taking an opposite approach. We're *starting* with the dimensions, synthesizing sounds and then measuring the stress between human perception and the pre-ordained model. Several papers describing our initial results are online at
Sounds like Jim is doing something in between the two extremes.

- Malcolm