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Bit-rate: wideband & narrowband

Dear List:


This e-mail may not be relevant for this group, but anyway....


I was reading the book, “Speech Coding and Synthesis” by Kleijn & Paliwal.


In page 445, from the table we see that for scalar quantization of the reflection coefficients, it costs 4 bits per parameter for 1 dB distortion.


Similarly, in page 447, from the table we see that for LAR scalar quantization, it costs 3.2 bits per parameter for 1 dB distortion.


The above numbers are for narrowband speech coding. Could anyone please let me know what happens to the above numbers (4 bits and 3.2 bits) for wideband LP based speech coding? It would be great if you could please suggest some references as well.


In case, there are no relevant wideband speech coding paper that addresses the numbers for the reflection coefficient and LAR representation, you may also let me know the numbers for the LSF representation for the narrowband and wideband scenarios.


Thanks a lot in advance.


Best Regards,