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Re: Effects of speech rate on consonants and vowels

Hi Martin,

I had read something about the speaking rate with respect to nasalization in:

AUTHOR = {Krakow, R. A.},
TITLE = {Phonetics and Phonology: Nasals, Nasalization and the Velum},
EDITOR = {Huffman, M.K. and Krakow, R.A.},
YEAR = {1993},
PUBLISHER = {Academic Press},
VOLUME = {},
CHAPTER = {Nonsegmental influences on velum movement patterns: Syllables, Sentences, Stress and Speaking Rate},
NUMBER = {},
PAGES = {87-116},
There's a small section about 6 pages long in this chapter of the book. It might be a start.

Here's a relevant excerpt: "The studies done to date on velic movements at different speaking rates indicate that speakers may vary in the extent to which their fast productions approximate the extreme positions of their normal rate productions, since a rate change may be achieved by increasing the velocity and/or decreasing the range of movement. And, when a movement reduction occurs, it may affect both extremes of the normal range of movement, or just one."

So, the steady state is definitely going to be affected because of greater overlap of adjacent gestures. The formant transitions may be steeper because of an increase in the velocity of different gestures, or the formants might achieve less extreme positions because of a decreased range of movement.

Hope this helps!

 On Fri, 23 Jun 2006, Martin Heckmann wrote:

Dear List,

I'm interested in the influences of different speaking rates on vowels and
consonants, mainly in the effects on the steady state phase and the
formant transition (e.g. does the slope of the transition change or is
mainly the steady state phase affected ?). What is the effect of the
speaking rates on plosives ?

Does anybody have experince with this or knows some literature to start
with ?

Any help is greatly appreciated !



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