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Postdoctoral positions, Duke University

Applications are invited for several postdoctoral positions open immediately in
the Groh Laboratory in the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and the Depts. of
Neurobiology, Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University.  Research in the
laboratory concerns the neural basis of multisensory and sensorimotor
integration in awake, behaving primates and focuses on the areas of vision,
audition, and eye movements.  Techniques employed in the laboratory include
single unit recording, microstimulation, psychophysics and modeling.
Applicants should have an interest in conducting primate experiments in one or
more of these areas, and should have a PhD in neuroscience, psychology, or a
related discipline.  Applications should include a curriculum vitae together
with the names and telephone numbers/email addresses of three references.

Please send applications to:

Jennifer M. Groh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Department of Neurobiology
Duke University
LSRC Rm B203
Box 90999
Durham, NC 27708

Phone: 919-681-6536
Fax: 919-681-0815
Email: jmgroh@xxxxxxxx  (NOTE:  Please send plain text cover email with any
electronic enclosures).