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Re: scientific graphic software

Hi Pawel,

Nothing beats Matlab, although the slope of the learning curve tends to be rather shallow.
We also had fair results with Systat.


At 07:39 PM 7/11/2006, Pawel Kusmierek wrote:
This is not going to be an exactly auditory question, but I hope that the
auditory scientific community will be able to help me.  I am lookng for
suggestions on a decent scientific graphic package. I have an experience
with SigmaPlot, and I like it pretty much, but I would like to know other

Specifically I would love to have two features which are not available in

One is a possibility to create map or surface plots from non-rectangular
or incomplete data tables. SigmaPlot kind of allows for that, but it uses
a not very reliable (IMHO) interpolation for the missing points to force
the rectangular shape.

The second thing is a possibility to run the program on Mac in addition to
Windows. This is however not so much important.

The only program which appeared to fulfill my needs was DeltaGraph. I
tried it, and non-rectangular map graphs were available, there is also a
Mac version, apparently. The problem is that the demo crashed several
times during my 30-minute test drive. I would prefer something more

One more thing - I really prefer the program to be easily
graphical-interface driven, and fully WYSIWYG. No complicated scripts,

I would appreciate your suggestions,