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Neonate Tymps

Hi Megha
Currently, only few norms are available and most of them are for compensated Y at 1 kHz. Descriptive statistics were only provided for tympanograms obtained at a 1000 Hz probe tone frequency as this was the frequency at which most infant tympanograms showed a discernable and well defined single peak.  You could refer to Margolis, Bass-Ringdahl, Hanks, Holte, & Zapala (2003). Tympanometry in newborn infants - 1 kHz norms.  Journal of American Academy of Audiology, Sep; 14(7):383-92. With regard to developmental changes there are even fewer studies. You could refer to: Holte, L., Margolis, R. H. & Cavanaugh, R. M. (1991).  Developmental changes in multifrequency tympanometry.  Audiology, 30, 1-24.
Keefe, D. H., & Levi, E. (1996). Maturation of the middle and external ears: acoustic power-based responses and reflectance tympanometry. Ear & Hearing 17, 361-73.
Keefe, D.H., Gorga, M.P., Neely, S.T., Zhao, F., Vohr, B.R. (2003). Ear-canal acoustic admittance and reflectance measurements in human neonates. II. Predictions of middle-ear in dysfunction and sensorineural hearing loss. Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 113(1), 407-22.

We are in process of submitting our paper this week to JAAA that has norms for NICU and well babies. 

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>I would like to have information on 
>  Developmental changes in Multi frequency tympanometry in children from 0day to 4 yrs of age or any information regarding 
>  Chages in susceptance and conductance across age, or 
>  Normative established for delta B and delta theta and delta G across age. thank you.
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