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Re: Intermediate representation for music analysis


The analysis of musical pitch is sometimes done with autocorrelation techniques at the outputs of the filterbank. In such systems, one to two filters per critical band is plenty.

There have also been systems using a narrowband filterbank approach with many channels, one or more per semitone, but I don't have references to any handy right now.


At 5:56 AM +0300 7/16/06, Ilya Sedelnikov wrote:
Dear list,

Does someone aware of works that use filterbanks with more than a couple of
dosens filters as a front-end for the music analysis ?

Human ear is able to distinguish pitch differences at least twice less than a
semitone which implies that for the analysis of musical piece that spans 4
octaves the number of filters should be of the order of couple hundreds.
Nevertheless front-ends commonly used for music analysis usually use not more
than couple of dosens of filters (Fourier bins), sometimes even
non-logarithmically spaced.

I will be glad to hear any opinions on the subject.

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