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Re: TDT Question

On 9 Aug 2006 at 14:25, Larry Feth wrote:

> Apparently the TDT User Group is no longer active, so I will ask my
> question here.  Does anyone have software for programming the TDT
> System II programmable attenuators (PA-4) using the serial port?  I
> asked at TDT and was told that no one who works there now knows how to
> do it.  The instructions in the manual are less than straightforward.

Last year I put together some Matlab code to do this. I've placed it 


I was having trouble using the Matlab Serial Port Object in Matlab 7 
(works fine in Matlab 6), so there is some duplication of code for 
using the SPO or alternatively the cport .dll, which I think I obtained 
from the Matlab user-contributed files archive. Cport turned out not to 
work reliably when using two serial ports simultaneously.  In any 
event, this should show you what needs to be sent down the serial line 
to the XBUS for the PA4s.

best wishes,
Ewan Macpherson

Ewan Macpherson, Ph.D.  <emacpher@xxxxxxxxx>
Research Investigator, Central Systems Laboratory
Kresge Hearing Research Institute, U. Mich.