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ICMC 2006: not just more updates and announcements

Please pardon cross-postings

A new announcements and updates for the upcomign ICMC 2006 Conference in New Orleans

0.The early bird registration deadline has been extended to August 18, 2006 (Fri) per numerous requests by participants. For details regarding registration fees and options please visit www.icmc2006.org and click on Registration

1.Sneak preview of the conference schedule has been posted on the ICMC webpage at www.icmc2006.org (click on Conference Program).

2.Find out more and help with our Habitat for Humanity project: click on Habitat for Humanity at www.icmc2006.org.

3.To register go to www.icmc2006.org click on Registration and follow instructions.

Some of the highlights for this year's ICMC includes:

1.Keynote speaker Max Mathews 2.Daytime/night-time/Late-night concerts, installations, and the Digital Jukebox 3.Daily radio interviews + broadcasts + performances at the WTUL radio station
4.Paper sessions, panel discussions, demos, and workshops
5.Lots of give-aways and prizes from Cycling 74, Electrotrap, empreintes DIGITALes, fxpansion, MixMeister, Parallax, Soundhack, Mathematica, Bias, and more
6.Special SEAMUS concert - part of the first ever ICMC-SEAMUS collaboration
7.Collaboration with Habitat for Humanity in rebuilding New Orleans
8.Banquet which will be held on a 2-hour cruise on the Mississippi River aboard the historic Steamboat Natchez.

And of course much, much more. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Hoping to see y'all in New Orleans!

p.s. for rates on hotels please click on Local Information for special ICMC rates

Sincerely, Tae Hong Park, ICMC 2006 Conference Chair