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Re: A question on area function of vocal tract

Dear Xinhui,

You might be interested in the seminal work by Fant and Stevens

Fant, G. (1960). Acoustic theory of speech production. The Hague, Netherlands: Mouton, 2nd edition. 1970, (Translated into Russian, Nauka, Moskva, 1964).

Fant, G. (1973). Speech Sounds and Features. The MIT Press. Cambridge, MA, USA, (contains a selected number of articles).

Fant, G, Fintoft, K., Liljencrants, J., Lindblom, B. and Martony, J. (1963). Formant-amplitude measurements. J. Acoust. Soc. Amer 35, 1753-1761.

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Fant, G. (1997). Acoustical Analysis of Speech In (ed.) M.J. Crocker, Encyclopedia of Acoustics, John Wiley, Vol.4, 1589-1597.

Fant, G. (2005). Speech Acoustics and Phonetics., Spring

Stevens, Kenneth N. (1998) Acoustic Phonetics. The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA

Best wishes,


xinhui zhou wrote:
Dear List,

 I am having a question about area function of vocal tract,

 Area function is used to describe the vocal tract shape. It is
assumed that the bent shape of vocal tract can be regarded as a
straight tube with varying area along the axis,and only planar wave
propagation exists with limitation to certain frequency range.

I only undertand it intuitively .  Is there any book or paper which
formuates the idea of area function , i.e. why a bent 3D shape can be
simplied as a tube with area function?

Thanks in adavance,


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