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Re: tympanometry probe tone level?

It depends on the probe tone frequency and it is usually set at a level below the level the elicit the aural reflex. It varies a bit between manufacturer; however, it is close the the following values.
 226 Hz @ 85dB SPL ± 1.5dB
 1000 Hz (a probe tone frequency of choice for infant assessment) @ 75dB SPL ± 1.5dB
Hope this helps.
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>Hello list! Students ask the darnedest questions. Today in Intro to
>Audiology, one of the students asked what the presentation level is for
>the probe tone used in tympanometry. I didn't find it in a quick Google
>search (not even a manufacturers' specs I looked at) or during a quick
>peek in a classic audiology textbook - perhaps someone out there knows
>off-hand what it is? 
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