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Re: measuring output volume from headphones

Dear Stefan,

The major problem doing this is that you don't take account of the charge
impedance of the human ear, which you would directly assess with a coupler
or an artificial ear. 
The method you suggest seems appropriate since you first assess the ear
cavity's charge impedance, but it won't be faster nor much easier than
measuring SPL at the acoustic output of the headphones with appropriate

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A simple way to measure output volume is to measure the voltage at the input
of the headphones (for a defined signal, like a 1kHz sine) and calculate
sound pressure level using the headphones' transfer function. Doing it this
way should also make it easy to change the headphones between different


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Can any of you recommend a way to measure the output volume/decibel level
from headphones?  We will be testing participants using auditory music and
speech stimuli on two different computers (depending on availability of the
two testing rooms) and would like to make sure that the output volume level
is equivalent at both locations.  We do have a decibel meter (from Radio
Shack), but this doesn't seem feasible to use with headphones.


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