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Hi all,

I have been working on the automatic detection of nasalization using knowledge based acoustic parameters for sometime. Since, one of the possible applications of such a system can be to detect hypernasality in a person's speech by just looking at the acoustics, I would like to test my algorithm on hypernasal speech and find out if it is able to separate hypernasal speakers from speakers with normal speech.

In this respect, I wanted to know if anyone knows of a standard database of speech recorded from normal and hypernasal speakers which I can use for research purposes? It would be fabulous if this database is transcribed and/or has nasalance scores for each of the speakers.

Thanks in advance

Tarun Pruthi
Graduate Research Assistant, ECE
Room 3180, A V Williams Building
University of Maryland, College Park
MD 20742 USA
Email: tpruthi@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Web: www.ece.umd.edu/~tpruthi
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