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PostDoc position (3 years) in interactive sound synthesis in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Dear list

my apologies for my bad first attempt.

on behalf of my university colleagues, I would like to bring to your 
attention an opening for a PostDoc position at the Technische Universiteit 


The Department of Technology Management of the Technische Universiteit 
has a vacancy for a

Postdoc in Interactive Sound Synthesis
(1.0 fte)


within the subdepartment of Human-Technology Interaction

The Department of Technology Management (TM) offers a BSc in
Industrial Engineering and Management Science (Technische
Bedrijfskunde), a BSc in Innovation Sciences (Technische
Innovatiewetenschappen), a BSc in Industrial Engineering for Health
Care, and MSc programmes in Innovation Management, Operations
Management and Logistics, Technology and Policy, and Human Technology
Interaction. Education and research in the department focus on the
development and use of technology in a business and society oriented
context.  Research is design and application oriented, based on
fundamental scientific insights and methods.

The subdepartment of Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) has been
internationally acclaimed for perception research, and is becoming
established as a major center of excellence in human-computer
interaction research. The group concentrates expertise in both social
sciences and engineering, studying technology in the service of human
well-being, within the broader context of a socially and ecologically
sustainable society.  All research is embedded in The J.F.Schouten
School for User System Interaction Research (JFS), a KNAW (Royal Dutch
Academy of Sciences) accredited research school in the area of
user-system interaction.

Project description

SATIN is a European project to develop SOUND AND TANGIBLE INTERFACES
FOR NOVEL PRODUCT SHAPING. In this project virtual objects can be
modelled by applying flexible strips over the surface of the virtual
objects to be shaped. The strips will excercise force feedback so that
the users can feel what they do.  Furthermore, the movements of the
users and contacts with the object will be coupled with sound which
will give the user information about the material and surface
properties of the object. The task of the applicant will be to
synthesize these scraping and rubbing sounds on the basis of material
and surface properties of the objects, so that the multimodal
interface becomes more natural and intuitive. Various synthesis
techniques can be used, e.g.  additive or subtractive synthesis, or
synthesis based on acoustic models, such as partial differential
equations or finite-element techniques. Moreover, the applicant will
evaluate the added value of using sound in this multisensory
interface. In summary, in the SATIN project, we will introduce and
validate the new dimension of sound to communicate in an audible way
local shape properties of virtual objects as well as functions of


Applicants should hold a PhD in physics, electrical engineering or
mechanical engineering. The applicant must have sound knowledge of
digital signal analysis. Demonstrable interest in perceptual processes
such as hearing, and in acoustics is recommended. Prior experience
with one of the mentioned synthesis techniques is especially valued.

Appointment and salary

We offer:
* a full-time temporary appointment for a period of 3 years
  (preferably starting as soon as possible); 
* a gross monthly salary of â 2252,= up to â 3554,= depending on
  the personal experience; 
* a broad package of fringe benefits (including an excellent technical
  infrastructure, child care, savings schemes, and excellent sports


More information about this position is available from
dr. D.J. Hermes, e-mail: d.j.hermes@xxxxxx, phone +31 40 2475214. 
Further information: M.E.M. Roelands personnel officer, phone
+31 40 2474886, e-mail: pz@xxxxxxxxxx


Interested candidates are requested to send their application to:
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Department of Technology Management
Personnel Department, Pav R.1.23
PO Box 513
5600 MB  Eindhoven
The Netherlands 

Please include the job vacancy code: V39.408. You are allowed to send
your application by e-mail: pz@xxxxxxxxxx

The application has to consist of the following parts: a motivation
for your application containing not more than 250 words; curriculum
vitae; two letters of recommendation; a copy of the Master thesis and
the PhD thesis; if possible, other examples of scientific documents.

Applications should be received by October 13th, 2006. As part of an
equal opportunity scheme, women are explicitly requested to apply.


Prof. Dr. Armin Kohlrausch  
Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven 
Digital Signal Processing, WO 02 
Prof. Holstlaan 4  
5656 AA Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-40-2743093 (direct), 2742370 (secretary)
FAX:      +31-40-2744675
email:  armin.kohlrausch@xxxxxxxxxxx