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New physics book.

Dear List Members,

Since I am on no physics list, I permit myself to announce
to you my just published new book.

With best wishes,

Reinhart Frosch.


Reinhart Frosch
"Four-Tensors, the Mother Tongue of Classical Physics".

vdf Hochschulverlag an der ETH Zürich,

www.vdf.ethz.ch ;  verlag@xxxxxxxxxxx .

In this monograph, based on a course that the author taught 
at ETH, it is shown that a spectacular formal simplification 
of the equations representing the basic laws of classical 
physics (e.g., the Maxwell equations of the electromagnetic 
field) is achieved if the accustomed three-vectors are replaced 
by four-tensors. As an introduction into the subject of four-
tensors, the first part of the book treats basic chapters of 
special relativity theory. The text is aimed at all persons 
interested in physics; the readers are expected to know 
high-school mathematics and physics. Exercises and their 
solutions are included at the end of most chapters.

Reinhart Frosch,
Dr. phil. nat.,
r. PSI and ETH Zurich,
Sommerhaldenstr. 5B,
CH-5200 Brugg.
Phone: 0041 56 441 77 72.
Mobile: 0041 79 754 30 32.
E-mail: reinifrosch@xxxxxxxxxx .