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Re: Convolutive feature extraction (Searching for papers)

Paris Smaragdis <paris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote

> http://www.merl.com/reports/docs/TR2004-094.pdf

Dear Paris Smaragdis,

You wrote in last sentence of discussion in this paper:
Unfortunately, what makes non-negativity constraints so successfully, in many
domains, is still a subject under debate and investigation.

Unfotunately. Really unfortunately? I would like to say fortunately, instead.
Perhaps you meanwhile got aware of my paper


I will put a newer one at M283.

Natural frequency analysis in cochlea has no possibility to obey the manmade
arbitrary choice of a reference. So it cannot exhibit linear phase at all.
Elapsed time is always non-negative. Nobody is using complex Fourier transform
within his organ of Corti. Let's learn non-negative sparse coding from at least
100,000,000 years of natural evolution. The older generation of mathematicians
was less mislead than the present one. Duhamel's integral did not range from
minus infinity to plus infinity, but it started convolution at zero. So we have
to reinvent IR+.

Kind regards,
Eckard Blumschein