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Research position / wind turbine noise

Dear list

I am happy to announce a research position in a project on

noise from wind turbines

Together with colleagues and cooperation partners you will investigate noise from wind turbines and its annoyance for people living in the neighbourhood. You will in particular be responsible for annoyance experiments in the laboratory.

Depending on qualifications you can be employed in:
  • a two-year position as post-doc (requires a ph.d.)
  • a two-year position as research assistant, or
  • a three-year position as ph.d. student
Continued employment depending on interest and future projects.

The position is available from January 1 or soon after, and the application deadline is November 20.

Please see the announcement at our web page http://www.acoustics.aau.dk under Positions.

Best regards,

Henrik Møller


Henrik Møller

Aalborg University
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