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Re: MATLAB code for Poisson spike generator

Dear Ana, List,

Since a couple of weeks Google has a code search section (http:// www.google.com/codesearch). This allows you to find specific algorithms in the language of choice. For the question below:
http://www.google.com/codesearch?hl=en&lr=&q=lang%3Amatlab+poisson +spike&btnG=Search

Quality and license are of course to be looked after, but that is something that one should always check.
Hope you find what you need,

Dirkjan Krijnders

Ana Alves Pinto wrote:
Dear List,
I'm looking for MATLAB code for a Poisson spike generator, given a mean rate, a certain duration and a refractory period. Could anyone provide the code to do this?
Thank you in advance for any help.
Best regards,
Ana Alves Pinto
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