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Special journal issue on music performance

The online journal Advances in Cognitive Psychology (ACP) has just published
a Special Issue on Music Performance. The issue can be downloaded from the
ACP website:  http://www.ac-psych.org/

Details and contents are listed below.

Advances in Cognitive Psychology
2006, volume 2, issue 2-3

Special issue:
Music Performance

Guest Editors:
William F. Thompson, Simone Dalla Bella, and Peter E. Keller


Drawing from the perspectives of cognitive psychology, motor control, and
neuroscience, this special issue of Advances in Cognitive Psychology
comprises invited review articles describing the latest research relating to
music performance.


Music performance (Editorial)
- Thompson, W. F, Dalla Bella, S., & Keller, P. E.

Music performance anxiety: New insights from young musicians
- Kenny, D. T. & Osborne, S. M.

Practicing perfection: How concert soloists prepare for performance
- Chaffin, R. & Logan, T.

The KTH synthesis of singing
- Sundberg, J.

Overview of the KTH rule system for musical performance
- Friberg, A., Bresin, R., & Sundberg, J.

Rate limits of sensorimotor synchronization
- Repp, B. H.

Coordination of perception and action in music performance
- Pfordresher, P. Q.

Music-reading deficiencies and the brain
- Hébert, S. & Cuddy, L. L.

Focal Dystonia in musicians: From phenomenology to therapy
- Jabusch, H-C. & Altenmüller, E.

Neural correlates of rhythmic expectancy
- Zanto, T. P., Snyder, J. S., & Large, E. W.

BOOK REVIEW "Musical Excellence: Strategies and techniques to enhance
- Kenny, D. T.