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Re: Insert earphones for neurophysiology

On 5 Dec 2006 at 12:58, Dan Tollin wrote:

> Has anybody out there tried to use some of the new insert earphones for
> auditory neurophysiology studies?  I am thinking of phones such as the
> Etymotic ER-4 (or 6) or the Shure E series.

A couple of years ago, I did quick, free-field measurements (with a 
reference mic a couple of inches from the earphone) of the transfer 
functions of the ER-4s and one of the Shure E models. They both seemed 
to have a very deep notch at around 20 kHz, so perhaps not so good for 
cats etc.

Ewan Macpherson, Ph.D.  <emacpher@xxxxxxxxx>
Research Investigator, Central Systems Laboratory
Kresge Hearing Research Institute, U. Mich.