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sometimes behave so strangely

Hi Diana and list,

Thank you for drawing attention to this interesting phenomenon.
I add two points from seeing it in a more general context:

1) 	Having "learned" the musical possibilities of the auditory
demonstration, it is impossible to unlearn it, unlike the Escher
visual illusions which can be mentally flipped e.g. seeing stairs 
going up and alternately going down.  The replaying of the 
demonstration one finds the musical template is applied to the 
first instance of the phrase.

2)	I wonder if it belongs to the more general ability of human
pattern recognition, e.g. finding elephants among clouds in the sky;
and/or co-incidence detection, e.g. driving past "McIntosh Street" 
and hearing someone mention "McIntosh" on the car radio at the
same instant?  This kind of things happens to me all the time.

Eric LePage