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Speech <-> Music examples ... Lussier, Tenney ...

The 1989 CD of René Lussier, Le Trésor de la langue is another earlier example of speech (pattern) inspired playing.

James Tenney, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Tenney, wrote Three Indigenous Songs, 2 piccolos, alto flute, bassoon/tuba, 2 percussion, (1979), wherein from the text, he extracted the formant frequencies of vowels and put them into the flute parts, the lower instrument played the 'melodic' fundamental, and the percussion were used for consonants.

In 1987 I constructed an algorithmic analog synthesizer patch of a low frequency pulse wave fed through four high-q band pass filters (with random controls), to emulate mouth movements and vowels. Phonemes seem to occur from time to time, and I hear many more now than I did 15 years ago.
This is a mono source with random panning, but I find a rather high level of streaming, making me ponder the concept of 'mono' or 'unison'.

And there is Stimmung by Stockhausen.
Scroll down to: Stockhausen Edition no. 12 (Stimmung), for details.

A book on the "composer's view" worth finding is Alternative Voices, by Istvan Anhalt, University of Toronto Press, 1984. Now out-of-print.



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