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summary to post re "looking for recommendations on bone conduction headsets"

Hi listers,

Here is a summary of replies that I received. Thanks to everyone
who responded.


Robert Arrabito
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto
1133 Sheppard Avenue West
P.O. Box 2000
Toronto, ON  M3M 3B9

phone: (416) 635-2033
CSN: 634-2033
fax: (416) 635-2132
e-mail: Robert.Arrabito@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


From: Aleksander Väljamäe <em1swan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Tobias Good <tobias@xxxxxxxxx>
you can check out OIIDO Equipment for bone conduction headsets (http://www.oiido.com/). I cc this mail to the company representative Tobias Good, so dont hesitate to ask him if you have more questions.


From: "Stefan Stenfelt" <stefan.stenfelt@xxxxxxxxxx>
It all depends on the quality demands you have on the transducers. Most BC
headsets are based on a Radioear B71 transducer clone. The drawback of those
devices are that they produce large amount of distortion and are not really
suitable for presenting speech. But if you do not require low frequencies
and can settle with low presentation levels (primarily below 60 dB above
threshold) there are several of those devices.

If you are interested in a high-quality device I would recommend Oiido's
device (www.oiido.com). It would probably cost around $500 (I'm not sure)
but there is no other commercial device that matches the dynamics of that
device. I've been involved in the development of that system and are
probably somewhat biased, but check it out.

Do not expect to find any device that works to 8 kHz. The interaction
between skin and the transducer makes a rather steep fall above 4-5 kHz.


From: amit rajora <amitrajora@xxxxxxxxx>
You may like to have a look at www.jawbone.com