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Re: introductory reading on auditory perception

Dear Erin,

If you want to include an introduction to auditory scene analysis
(ASA), here are a couple of items you might use:

1.  Bregman, A.S., & Ahad, P. (1996) Demonstrations of Auditory Scene
Analysis: The Perceptual Organization of Sound. Audio compact disk.
(Distributed by MIT Press).
      (These are audio demonstrations of ASA, with enough explanation
in the booklet for the students to follow the demos  without any prior
background.  This is a painless way to learn about ASA, because the
demos are interesting to listen to and the text explains just enough
to get the students curious about the principles

2.   Bregman, A.S. (1993) Auditory scene analysis: Listening in
complex environments.  In S.E. McAdams, and E. Bigand (Eds.) Thinking
in sound.  London: Oxford University Press, pp. 10-36.
      (This is a quick overall summary.  It could be combined with item #1.)

I hope the course goes well.

-- Al
Albert S. Bregman, Emeritus Professor
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On 1/11/07, Erin E. Hannon <ehannon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Colleagues,
I was hoping someone might be able to recommend readings to me. I need to
find some good chapters and/or review papers that would be appropriate for a
one-shot introduction to auditory perception in a seminar of graduate
student who specialize in other areas (i.e., vision, memory, language). Most
readings I've thought of are too long, too specialized, or too old. I
thought I'd see if anyone on the list has better suggestions.
Thanks very much!