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AES 30th conference program published!

Dear List,

We are happy to announce that the detailed program of the AES30th
conference on "Intelligent Audio Environments" has been published.
Please see the program online at

Note also that the registration is open at
We advise you to book your flights and registrate as soon as
possible since this is high season in Saariselkä.

Best regards,
Tapio Lokki
Co-chair of AES30th conference

PS. This conference will be the "coolest" conference
so far in AES history: the conference will be held in
Saariselkä, a picturesque small tourist center about 250 km
north of the Arctic Circle!

Tapio Lokki <Tapio.Lokki@xxxxxx>, http://www.tml.hut.fi/~ktlokki/
Helsinki University of Technology
Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
PO Box. 5400, FI-02015 TKK, Finland, tel. +358-9-4514737, fax +358-9-4515014