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Voice+Swallowing Symposium in Greece

1st Practical Symposium on Voice & Swallowing and their Disorders


Dates: April 20-22, 2007


Location: Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens, Greece


This symposium will bring together a team of specialists to offer the most current practices in the differential diagnosis and management of voice and swallowing disorders. In addition, each specialist will relate his or her role in the team to the overall care of the patient. The symposium is intended for speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists, and other medical and rehabilitation specialists interested in the normal functions of the voice and swallowing mechanisms and in their disorders with a the state of the art diagnostics and treatment workshop including laryngovideostroboscopy, flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing with sensory testing, modified barium swallow and functional outcome measures in voice and swallowing. ASHA CEU's will be provided.


Springtime is an ideal time to visit Greece. Conference attendees are strongly encouraged to extend their trip to visit ancient Greek sites and the islands!


Faculty/Main Speakers: J. Abitbol, T. Murry, J. Aviv, E. Helidonis, A. Merati, N. Maragos, R. Carrau, M. Andrianopoulos, B. Martin-Harris, A. Okalidou, A. Delides, D. Bloom, W. Wellens, L. Dagdilelis, P. Giannika, A. Gika, E. Koutsoubaki, M. Roussochatzaki.


Panelists: I. Lentari, N. Mead, M. Tsoukala, S. Santzakli, K. Lambropoulos, M. Kinigou, M. Kitsona.


Information and On-line Registration and Fees: www.VoiceandSwallowing.gr



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