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Re: Five string bass

Title: Re: Five string bass

As a Brazilian bass player I can say for sure that the low B bass string plays a crucial role in some Brazilian (and other Latin) music styles. As an example, you can watch this video in which bassist Anthony Jackson performs with Lee Ritenour and Ivan Lins.



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I produce/record/perform in an electronic band (www.karmacoda.com) and
we can't perform our music without
the low B bass string.  It's crucial!!


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Arturo Camacho wrote:
> Pierre,
> What about the lowest note in a 5-string bass B=30.9 Hz? When I hear a

> 5-string bass playing this note I am pretty sure I hear that pitch.
> One way I could prove it to myself is by playing B one octave above
> (B=61.8
> Hz) and then B=30.9 Hz right after. I am pretty sure I would hear an
> interval of an octave between them (I have been musician all my life
> so I am pretty confident I know how an octave sounds like). Therefore,

> I conclude I can hear a pitch of 30.9.
> I guess any bass player would agree with me. Otherwise, why do they
> bother paying more for that extra string?
> Arturo
Dear Arturo,

Why do they pay extra (I guess I should say we, since I owned one once)
for  the extra string?  Because it looks cool!  The only four string
bass players now are guys who are going for the "retro" look.  In fact,
now you need at least a six-string bass to have cred.  I tried to get
people interested once in a 32-string bass, the lowest notes of which
would crack concrete and cause submarines to divert course 3,000 miles
away.  Alas, it was declared a public hazard.


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