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McGill University post-doctoral position in spatial hearing

We are pleased to announce the opening of a position for a postdoctoral researcher (within 5 years post-PhD) to perform perceptual experiments in spatial hearing under the direction of Prof. Catherine Guastavino.
We are interested in evaluating perceptual differences between sound spatialisation techniques (including binaural and wave field syntheses) and perceptual thresholds for reverberation. Responsibilities include designing and conducting perceptual experiments, with emphasis on localization and sound quality evaluations. The position is for one year. This project is funded by the Fonds Quebecois de Recherche sur la Nature et les Technologies.


The Multimodal Interaction Laboratory (MIL) is a satellite lab of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media & Technology (CIRMMT – www.cirmmt.mcgill.ca) and is also affiliated with the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies of McGill University. The MIL is equipped with audio equipment and workstations, a stereoscopic virtual reality system, and will soon host a wave field synthesis system and a haptic device with force feedback.


The ideal candidate will have a PhD in psychoacoustics, spatial audio or human-computer interaction with skills in psychological testing, programming, statistical data analysis, and sound analysis and synthesis. The candidate will interact with other research scientists from CIRMMT and should have the necessary social skills for collaborative efforts.


Applicants should send a CV and letter describing how their skills could best be employed within the context of the proposed project to Prof. Catherine Guastavino. The post-doctoral rate scale is $30,000-35,000 (CAD) plus benefits, depending on qualifications. Review will begin as applications are received, with a starting date of Summer or Fall 2007. There is a possibility of obtaining exemption from Québec provincial taxes for non-Canadian applicants. In the case of international applicants, final acceptance for the post-doctoral position is conditional upon obtaining necessary documents to work in Canada.

Catherine Guastavino, PhD
McGill University, Graduate School of Library & Information Studies
Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media & Technology
3459 McTavish, H3A 1Y1 Montreal, QC Canada
Phone: (514) 398-1709   -   Fax: (514) 398-7193