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The auditory continuity phenomenon

Dear Auditory List,


I have a question regarding the auditory continuity phenomenon.


The literature I have reviewed shows that listeners perceive tones and glides as maintaining continuity over breaks of up to 300 ms, if the gap is 'filled' with louder noise ( e.g., Warren et al., 1972; Dannenbring & Bregman, 1976; Ciocca & Bregman, 1987; Nakajima & Sasaki, 1996; Drake & McAdams, 1999)


It seems plausible to think that the continuity effect for glides should be stronger due to frequency trajectory cues or feedforward effects. A pure tone can not take advantage from those types of cues; it has no movement and its trajectory is redundant.


Do you know any studies showing differences between perceived continuity of steady vs. glides?


 Thank you