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Summer School in Sound and Music Computing 2007

Apologies for cross postings

Summer School in Sound and Music Computing
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden
July 2-6, 2007

This Summer School is organized  by the Music Acoustics Group of
the KTH in Stockholm, with the goal to promote interdisciplinary
education and research in the field of Sound and Music Computing
(SMC). The School is aimed at graduate students working on their
Master or PhD thesis, but it is  open to any person carrying out
research in this field.

* Anders Askenfelt (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
* Elvira Brattico (University of Helsinki, Finland)
* Roberto Bresin (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
* Nicola Bernardini (Conservatory of Padova)
* Antonio Camurri (University of Genova)
* Alain De Cheveigné (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
* Anders Friberg (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
* Lalya Gaye (Viktoria Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden)
* Minna Huotilainen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
* Olivier Lartillot (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
* Giovanni De Poli (University of Padova)
* Davide Rocchesso (University of Verona)
* Stefania Serafin (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
* Johan Sundberg (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
* Sten Ternström (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)

Invited Experts
* Hans Hermanson (Head Multimedia Research, Ericsson, Stockholm)
* Lars Jonsson (The Swedish Radio, Stockholm)
* Staffan Ljung (Manager for Entertainment Solutions, Ericsson, Stockholm)
* Ernst Nathorst (Propellerhead Software, Stockholm)
* David Åström (Kocky / Soul Supreme, Stockholm)

Academic Program:
* 6 hours of lectures by Minna Huotilainen and Elvira Brattico
 on Neurosciences and Music and 6 hours  of lectures by Lalya
 Gaye on Mobile Music Technology.
* 3 hours of oral presentations by the  participating students
 and discussions on their research work.
* poster  presentations  by the participating  students during
 coffee breaks (1.5 hour every day of the School)
* 12 hours hands-on activities  by the  participating students
 in collaboration with the teachers of the Summer School
* 4 hours of oral presentations and discussions by experts
 from industries in the field of Sound and Music Computing.
* 2 hours of oral presentations by leaders of EU funded
 projects in the field of Sound and Music Computing.

The lectures  are  designed  to be  of interest  to any graduate
student or researcher in the field of Sound and Music Computing.
The topics chosen for this year are Neurosciences and Music  and
Mobile Music Technology; relevant topics in our research  fields
which have particular methodologies and research strategies. The
lectures will present  these particular methodologies and  their
application in Music related problems.

All the participating students will give short presentations  on
their current research during a speed-talk of four minutes.  The
emphasis will be given on research questions and particularly on
methodological issues related to their research project.
Students will receive a written feedback from the teachers  that
should be useful for the continuation of their research.

All the participating students will present a poster about their
PhD work.  The posters  will be  on show for all the duration of
the Summer School, with discussions during coffee breaks.

All  students  will  work  on mini-projects focusing  on the two
themes  of the Summer School.  Results of the mini-projects will
be  presented on  the final day  of the School.  Mini-projects
will  give the  opportunity  for  hands-on  activities  such  as
testing software tools or planning of experiments.

For more information on the program and on how to apply,  please
visit http://www.soundandmusiccomputing.org/summerschool/stockholm2007