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Postdoc in Auditory Neuroscience

Postdoc Position (Akademische/r Raetin/Rat auf Zeit) in Auditory Neuroscience

at the Institute for Cell Biology and Neuroscience in Frankfurt/M., Germany, beginning immediately. The position is available for 3 years with an option for additional 3 years. Applicants are encouraged to conduct independent research projects in auditory neuroscience of mammals and/or insects. For information on our research:

The following methods are currently available in our group: electrophysiology (in vivo single cell and multiple electrode recordings), neuropharmacological and histological techniques, In vitro techniques (intracellular, patch-clamp), measurement of cochlear mechanics and otoacoustic emissions, bioacoustical methods, psycho¬acoustic techniques.
Participation in teaching (for students in the Biology Bachelor/Master program) is expected and to persue an Habilitation is encouraged.

Please direct further inquiries and applications (including a CV and a statement of research interests) to
Prof. Manfred Koessl
email: koessl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Institut f. Zellbiologie und Neurowissenschaft
60323 Frankfurt/M.
Phone: +49-69-798-24761

Bernhard Gaese
e-mail: gaese@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx