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Post doctoral position at Kresge Hearing Research Institute

A postdoctoral position is available July 1/2007 to study the function of non-auditory 
projections to the cochlear nucleus and inferior colliculus using multichannel silicon 
probes recording electrodes.  Anatomical tract tracing and immunocytochemical 
methods supplement physiological studies to determine the origins and transmitters 
of these pathways.   Studies are focused on both the normal system and  the sound-
deprived system to examine plastic changes after sensory deprivation and their 
relationship to tinnitus.   

The Kresge Hearing Research Institute has a large and active auditory group and the 
University of Michigan a very large and diverse neuroscience community. 
Applicants with experience in single unit electrophysiology are encouraged to apply.  
Experience with anatomical methods and/ or programming with MATLAB are 
desirable. Please send cover letter, curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of 
three references to:

Dr. Susan Shore
Kresge Hearing Research Institute 
University of Michigan
1301 E. Ann St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Phone (734) 647-2116
Fax     (734) 764-0014
Email  sushore@xxxxxxxxx (emails preferred)