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Re: By any other name... (and other Italian contributions to auditory perception)

Dear Richard and list,

But Miller and Licklider seem to have been the first discoverers in 1950. Several other investigators, unaware of the earlier publications, made their own independent discoveries.

thank you for the information. By the way, I would like to inform list members that the Vicario's paper has been recently scanned and it's available in pdf format.

Morover, it has also been scanned the original Bozzi and Vicario paper that, as far as I know, is the first example of stream segregation (simply look at the figures in the paper: they are self explaining). [Bozzi, P., & Vicario, G. (1960). Due fattori di unificazione fra note musicali: la vicinanza temporale e la vicinanza tonale. Rivista di Psicologia, ann. LIV, n. IV, 235-258]

Here is the link. For those interested look at the first references listed:


We have not excuses. We must cite the pioneers!

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