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Canadian Acoust. Assoc. - music sessions

To the auditory list members (particularly researchers in music 
perception/cognition and music acoustics):

The 2007 meeting of the Canadian Acoustical Association will take 
place October 9 - 12, in Montreal at the new (downtown) Engineering 
and Visual Arts Complex of Concordia University.  

See the conference information at:

Abstracts are due June 8, and an optional 2-page proceedings paper 
for accepted papers is due July 16.

I have been asked to organize one or more sessions in musical 
acoustics and music perception/cognition.   Especially welcome are 
papers representing any of the following topics: tuning systems, 
analysis of singing,  brain plasticity and music acquisition, music 
development, music and aging, music and neuropsychology/brain 
deficits,  music-visual interactions, music performance, music 
expertise, spatial aspects of music, new instrumentation for research 
in music acoustics/perception/cognition,  improvisation, teaching in 
music acoustics/perception, portable audio players, music information 
retrieval, and other emerging research areas. 

Please contact me (acohen@xxxxxxx) by May 1st (preferably earlier) if 
you would be interested in participating in a special music session.

Student papers are welcome. There is meeting-wide competition for the 
3 best student presentations.
Last year's conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia provided two lively 
and stimulating sessions on music, and there is every reason to 
expect a repeat performance in Montreal.

Hope to see some of you there!

Annabel Cohen, Ph. D.
Professor of Psychology
University of Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown, PE
(902) 628-4325 (phone)