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Listening Tests for Audio (Online Now!!)

Hi All,

The online experiment of doing listening tests online is now up and running. I am looking for members of this list to participate.

The URL for doing the online listening tests is:
http://www.dermotcampbell.net/cgi-bin/listen.pl .

- It is easy to use. You enter the grades online, all the files are available online and all grades are stored in a database that only I have access t.

- I will be sharing the results with everyone taking part in the listening tests.

- You must email me for a username and password.

I will be avilable all weekend via email if assistance is needed in any way. Please email me with any questions.

Note: A brodband or similar speed quality connection would be required to download the files. They are quite big.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for taking part in this experiment and I wish you all the best.

Dermot Campbell,
PhD Student,
National University of Ireland Galway,
http://www.ee.nuigalway.ie and http://www.dermotcampbell.net,
+353 (91) 493031.