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simple pseudophones?


A colleague of mine and I would like to do some in-class exercises in spatial auditory perception using a version of the pseudophone (example:  http://www3.uakron.edu/ahap/apparatus/apparatus.phtml?code_id=1&app_id=34)

Does anyone have any good ideas how to make a quick, "homemade" version of such a device?  Ideally, it would be cheap and simple so that several could be constructed for use by multiple groups of students.  E.g., taking two stethoscopes and putting the horns on one side of the head while directing the ear pieces to the contralateral ear.  A more expensive version might try this with two monaural personal listener amplifiers used by the hearing impaired for conversation or TV listening, but I'm not familiar with how well they work and the cost might be prohibitive.

Any ideas or anecdotes on experiences with such attempts (e.g., don't bother, it won't work!) would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Mike Neelon
Dept. of Psychology