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Intl Conf on Music Communication Science, Sydney, AUST Dec 5-7, CFP

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Inaugural International Conference on Music Communication Science
5-7 December, 2007
University of NSW, Sydney, Australia
Announcement and brief CALL FOR PAPERS
Submissions due July 2
The inaugural International Conference on Music Communication Science
(ICOMCS) will bring together people interested in an interdisciplinary
understanding or application of music cognition, perception and performance.
This meeting incorporates a celebration of the first 10 years of the
Australian Music & Psychology Society (formed in 1996; see­
http://marcs.uws.edu.au/links/amps/), and will feature four keynote
speakers.  The Conference is supported by the Human Communication Science
Network (HCSNet ­ www.hcsnet.edu.au), which promotes interdisciplinary
research in speech, language, and sonics, and will fall under the
organisational umbrella of the HCSNet SummerFest.  The conference will
attract people from all walks of research and performance life, including
musicologists, psychologists, educators, linguists, composers, engineers,
computer scientists, speech scientists, physicists, philosophers and
performance artists.  The aim of the conference is to bring a wide range of
presenters together, ranging from students to established researchers with
an interest in finding or presenting synergies from several disciplines to
help solve problems in music, or to use elements of music and music research
to address problems in other disciplines.
Performance items and research papers will be considered.   Abstracts and
4-page ?full-papers¹ for peer-review can be submitted.  Symposia  organised
around predetermined themes are encouraged. Sessions will consist of short
(4 minute 'Speed' papers) and regular length presentations.   Submissions
are due on Monday July 2.
Details and the full Call for Papers can be found at the ICOMCS web site:
http://marcs.uws.edu.au/links/ICoMusic.  For more information contact the
conference deputy chair Kate Stevens kj.stevens@xxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:kj.stevens@xxxxxxxxxx>  (before June 7) or the conference chair
Emery Schubert E.Schubert@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:E.Schubert@xxxxxxxxxxx>  (from
June 7).

Associate Professor Kate Stevens
School of Psychology and MARCS Auditory Laboratories
University of Western Sydney - Bankstown

Post: Locked Bag 1797 South Penrith 1797 Australia
Street: Bldg 1 Rm G.56, Bullecourt Ave, Milperra
Phone: +612 9772 6324;  Fax: +612 9772 6040

MARCS: http://marcs.uws.edu.au
AMPS:  http://marcs.uws.edu.au/links/amps/index.htm
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