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Early Registration Deadline May 18: 31st International AES Conference - New Directions in High Resolution Audio

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The 31st International Audio Engineering Society Conference -  
"New Directions in High Resolution Audio"
Queen Mary, University of London, f25th-27th, 2007.   REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN
Registration for the Conference is now open please use the weblink http://www.aes.org/events/31/registration.htm to download the registration forms and further information regarding accommodation.
This Conference is concerned with the promotion and delivery of high resolution audio, by maintaining quality throughout the recording and playback chain with current and future technologies. It reflects the tremendous recent growth of high resolution audio techniques and products intended for use throughout the audio recording and playback chain. However, issues remain on how to avoid bottlenecks where quality is compromised, and how to maintain and encourage high resolution audio in an ever changing marketplace. These concerns are of interest to the audio engineering, recording and production industries, as well as to education and academia.
DRAFT Programme  (This programme is an early draft of the activities for the conference and is expected to change)

June 25th

In the listening room
Throughout the day - Demonstration of high resolution audio, Linn Audio

High resolution recording issues I
Paper number:  43
Creating and Delivering High-Resolution Multiple 5.1 Surround Music Mixes
Paper number: XX
Craig Bell,  A digital amplification technology to optimise performance with high-resolution audio.
Paper number:  12
Precision measurement of ADC effective number of bits using multi tones

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Perception I
Paper number:  69
Which of the two digital audio systems meets best with the analog system?
Paper number:  34
A Comparative Study of the Performance of Spatialisation Techniques for a Distributed Audience in a Concert Hall Environment
Paper number:  54
Perceptual Investigation into Envelopment, Spatial Clarity, and Engulfment in Reproduced Multi-channel Audio

Lunch, Posters and Exhibits

Storage of high resolution audio
Paper number:  41
High Resolution Audio Recording, Preservation and Delivery at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music
Paper number:  48
MPEG-A Professional Archival Multimedia Application Format

Panel Discussion 
Preparation, archiving and distribution of hi-res audio


June 26th

In the listening room 
Throughout the day- Demonstration of high resolution audio, Meridian Audio

Synthesis and Perception
Paper number:  39
Musical Attractors: A new method for audio synthesis
Paper number:  45
Wavelet Based High Resolution Audio Texture Synthesis
Paper number:  63
Information reduction in artificial spatial sound through physical and perceptual cartoonification

Processing, manipulation and preparation of high resolution signals II
Paper number 18
Horizontal plane HRTF reproduction using continuous Fourier-Bessel functions
Paper number:  28
HRIR customization in the median plane via principal components analysis of head-related impulse responses
Paper number:  31
The Generation of Panning Laws for Irregular Speaker Arrays Using Heuristic Methods

Lunch, Posters and Exhibits

High resolution recording issues II - Microhones
Paper number:  52
System Configuration For High Quality Audio Capturing In A Large Microphone Array
Paper number:  49
Digital Microphones for High Resolution Audio

Panel Discussion 
Design Issues in High Quality Integrated Audio Systems


June 27th
In the listening room
Throughout the morning- Demonstration of high resolution audio, Jeff Levison, DTS

Keynote Talk 
Peter Craven

Paper number:  17
The Design of Improved First Order Ambisonic Decoders by the Application of Range Removal and Importance in a Heuristic Search Algorithm
Processing, manipulation and preparation of high resolution signals I
Paper number:  68
The Effect of High Order Noise Shaping Filters on Dither in Delta-Sigma Modulation Systems
Paper number:  47
Energy balance decision threshold in SDM systems
Paper number:  25
Segmented Dynamic Element Matching using Delta-Sigma Modulation

Lunch, Posters and Exhibits

Maintaining quality at playback
Paper number:  21
Achieving real bandwidth beyond 20 kHz with a loudspeaker system
Paper number:  53
All Digital High Resolution Class D Amplifier Designs using Power Supply Feed-forward and Signal Feedback

Panel Discussion 
The future of High Resolution Audio

Throughout the conference
Sound installation by The Illustrious Company
Loudspeaker demonstration by Dyer Audio
Original high resolution audio recordings
Various demonstrations and exhibitions

After the conference, June 28th
C4DM presents - 
an evening concert hosted by the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London
Free for all conference attendees

Registration for the Conference is now open please use the weblink http://www.aes.org/events/31/registration.htm