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Call for participation: AES 123rd New York - Deadline June 1st

The deadline for the submission of abstract and precis for the 123rd
AES Convention in New York is June 1st, 2007.

AES 123rd Convention, 2007
New York, NY
Dates: October 5–8 2007
Location: Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York, New York, USA

The AES 123rd Convention Committee invites submission of technical
papers for presentation at the 2007 October 5–8 meeting in New York.
By 2007 June 1, a proposed title, 60- to 120-word abstract, and 500-
to 750-word précis of the paper must be submitted electronically to
the AES 123rd proposal submission site at www.aes.org/123rd_authors.
Submissions will be accepted starting approximately 2007 February 15.
Please check the submission site for additional information and
instructions. Titles and abstracts must conform to the Information for
Authors guidelines at www.aes.org/journal/con_infoauth.html.
Acceptance of proposed papers will be determined by a review committee
based on an assessment of the abstract and précis. Thus, the précis
must clearly describe the work performed, methods employed,
conclusions, and significance of the paper with respect to other
published work in the field.

Abstracts of accepted papers will be published in the convention
program so please choose your wording carefully. During the online
submission process you will be asked to specify whether you prefer to
present your paper in a lecture or poster session. Highly detailed
papers are best in poster sessions, which permit greater interaction
between author and audience. The convention committee reserves the
right to reassign papers to any session. Whether a lecture or a
poster, a complete convention paper (electronic manuscript) submitted
before 2007 August 1 is required before the paper can be accepted for
presentation at the convention.

   Applications in Audio
       Audio in Cross-Disciplinary Applications
       Audio Forensics
       Audio Enhancement
       Voice Identification
       Speaker Identification
       Audio Authenticity
       Automotive Audio
       Audio for Mobile Phones and PDAs
       Audio in Education
       Audio for Computer, LANs, and the Internet
       Digital Broadcasting and Integrated Services

   Audio Processing
       Analysis and Synthesis of Sound
       High Resolution Audio
       Low Bit-Rate Audio Coding
       Hearing Protection and Enhancement
       Audio Effects
       Acoustic Modeling
       Audio Content Management

   Recording, Production, and Reproduction
       Studio Recording Techniques
       Audio Production in the PC
       Sound Reinforcement
       Live Sound Production
       Multichannel Sound

   Audio Equipment
       Wearable Audio
       Wireless Audio
       Micromachining for Audio
       Instrumentation and Measurement

       Audio Perception
       Perceptual Audio Coding
       Listening Tests
       Quality Evaluation

   Future Directions in Audio
       Signal Processing
       Recording and Reproduction
       Transfer and Distribution

SCHEDULE Proposal deadline: June 1, 2007 Acceptance emailed: June 25, 2007 Paper deadline: August 1, 2007

Please submit proposed title, abstract, and précis at
www.aes.org/123rd_authors no later than June 1, 2007. If you have any
questions contact:

Email: 123rd_papers@xxxxxxx
Agnieszka Roginska
New York University
Véronique Larcher
Sennheiser Electronics