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Effect of hearing loss on normal hearing range

I am trying to understand the effects of sensorineural hearing loss (specifically, high frequency) on the normal hearing range (in this case, low frequency). For instance, if a person has hearing loss at frequencies greater than 4 KHz, how is her perception in the < 4 KHz range affected?
How does it compare to normal hearing person's perception in the < 4KHz range?

I am reading Walt Jesteadt's (ed.) excellent book "Modeling sensorineural hearing loss" which does discuss this issue, but to a limited extent.

I want to know more recent studies explicitly reviewing or investigating the effect of hearing loss on the non-hearing loss portion.
(the book was published in 1997, based on material presented at a conference in 1995).

I have tried searching on Pubmed but "hearing loss normal hearing" has not proved fruitful.

Much thanks in advance for any leads,

Fatima Husain