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Re: ISO 532 B / DIN 45 631 matlab codes

At 8:33 PM -0700 6/3/07, amit rajora wrote:
Could someone let me know where I can find the matlab
code for loudness calculation based on ISO532B/DIN45

on 13 Jan 2004, Jon Roberts <J.R.Roberts@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have obtained MATLAB code from Aaron Hastings for calculating loudness according to ISO 532B and DIN 45 631.

on 30 Aug 2002, Aaron Hastings <hastinga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Also,  I have been told that the code is difficult to find / access, so I
have posted it on a website


It should be there until I graduate (I wish I knew when that would be, or
maybe I don't want to know...)

However, his link is dead. So you need to track him down.

on 21 Nov 2006, Tony Miller <ajmiller@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Previously, Aaron Hastings helped me tremendously with his posting on
a MATLAB script for the ISO 532B standard

and that link is also not working for me. So try him.

Sorry I couldn't find it for you, but maybe these leads will help.